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  • Freeride

  • Powder runs in the ski area

  • Snowboard friendly rout selection

  • Get to know different types of snow

  • Avalanche and snow science

  • Orientation

  • Avalanche training  

Level 1

Have you always wanted to go off-piste?

With the right technique, you will master your first turns in deep snow, but also in other types of snow. In order to act correctly in an emergency, you will be familiarized with the avalanche transceiver equipment and comrade rescue, among other things.

Requirements: safe snowboarding on red slopes

Level 2

Do you feel at home in deep snow and can you cope even in difficult conditions (ice, broken rocks, steep slopes)? but are not yet familiar with the area?

Trust that we will have the best snow and the most beautiful lines.

Requirements: safe snowboarding off the slopes.

Snowboard Spur
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